About Us

In 2014, a group of committed wildlife conservationists, led by DR. MADHURITA GUPTA & DR. YUVRAJ R. KAGINKAR, became convinced for wildlife protection, wildlife- human conflicts resolution for securing a better future for wildlife: An approach that could harness collective energy of outstanding conservationists, zoologists around the world for future of environment and wildlife. The MYVETS WILDLIFE TRUST is working towards the protection and conservation of India’s endangered wildlife and their habitats. MYVETS WILDLIFE TRUST fills a unique niche in the area of Research & Development and creating an India-wide network for advance technology, information exchange and capacity building of conservation efforts in the region.


The goal of MYVETS WILDLIFE TRUST is to protect India’s endangered species and we are committed to welfare of captive wildlife, wildlife conservation and beyond. MYVETS WILDLIFE TRUST was conceived as a non – profit wildlife conservation organization based in India. The organization was built to secure efficient conservation.


In the few years that MYVETS WILDLIFE TRUST has existed, we have been at frontline in bringing attention of public and media to conservation areas. In 2014, MYVETS WILDLIFE TRUST brought to world attention that how captive tigers in zoos undergo cruelty. This led to a lot of attention raised by media on the welfare of captive wildlife.

Our Mission


We strive to lead in the invention, development of technology and translate these advanced technologies into value for wildlife conservation.

Our Values


“WE BELIEVE IN MAKING HISTORY “Our core values are driven by a desire and passion to improve wildlife, achieve scientific technology, operate with the highest standards of integrity, expand access to our technology and employ a diverse workforce that values collaboration.


justice strategy advice

Myvets Wildlife Trust goal is to support and link India’s conservation initiatives, groups, and other wildlife organizations with the aim of strengthening their capacity, building partnerships and promoting effective communication and co-ordination of conservation efforts.



MYVETS WILDLIFE TRUST is a dynamic wildlife conservation charity organization which takes action worldwide to save and protect wildlife .Our emergency wildlife veterinary care team had provided veterinary care to leopards, tigers, elephants, crocodiles and has designed the Environmental Enrichment Of Leopard Rescue Centre at Sanjay Gandhi National Park and gave these leopards a lifetime care in spacious enclosure .
From small beginnings, The Myvets Wildlife Trust has grown into a “NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF WILDLIFE TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCH” for wildlife education and conservation but a personal passion for wildlife and desire to bring positive change for better future for wildlife will always be our priority. Our work will prevent wildlife suffering, cruelty and will protect the threatened species.
Together we appeal for support and funding and reach out to public, media, corporate and our business associates who can support and fund our projects and campaigns thus helping to conserve the wildlife of world.



We build local capacity for long term sustainability of projects. We train young Indian conservationists and provide technical assistance for conservation groups and other wildlife organization in India.


  1. Linking conservation initiatives across the continent, and strengthening the networking capacities of research and conservation groups and other wildlife organizations.
  2. Providing training, support and technical assistance for conservation groups and other wildlife organizations in India.
  3. Offering scientific technology support for sustainable community projects linked with wildlife conservation.
  4. Serving as an educational resource centre for the general public, both within and outside of India.
  5. Conducting on-the-ground conservation projects.


The Myvets Trust is a registered under Charity Commissioner of India.


  • We do not maintain offices outside of India.
  • We focus on results on the ground in INDIA means that 100% of donations received are actually used in the field for conservation, community development and education projects.


Till now Myvets Trust had directed 100% funds towards Wildlife conservation activities.

concept: giving money to a growing pool of donations


The MYVETS TRUST is a charity registered in Maharashtra (Charity Reg Number: F58647 (M)) .It is governed by a Board of Trustees, who combine the legal responsibilities of charity trustees. The Trustees are members of the Advisory Committee which meets approximately every month. Trust is chaired by the Trust’s Honorary President.

Our Trustees


Founder Member & President of Myvets Charitable Trust & Research Centre, Dr. Madhurita Gupta is a well known Wildlife Conservationist, Environmental Educator. With over 10 years of experience in the wildlife & veterinary sector, she currently serves as Managing Director of MYVETS INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. She is a CHAIRPERSON on board of “NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF WILDLIFE TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCH” and is associated with leading publications on wildlife issues. Her columns on wildlife conservation, Modern approach to Leopard-Human Conflicts Resolution, Captive Wildlife Welfare, Veterinary Healthcare, Zoonotic Diseases appears in many international and national scientific publications.


She has served overseas and also advises many NGO on the implementation of new laws and has expertise in spinning off the programmes as independent organizations. In her working life, she had a long career in veterinary medicine, surgery, wildlife management & training. As a founder she has a responsibility for commissioning of wide range of outputs including promotion of wildlife conservation. She has a particular interest in Leopard – Human Conflicts Resolutions, Protected Area Conservation, Captive Wildlife Welfare and is delighted to continue to support as a president of Myvets Trust. She believes that the Trust’s commitment to promoting wildlife conservation is essential if we are to have a country rich in wildlife in the future.


Dr. Madhurita Gupta as a President brings to us a significant expertise in wildlife conservation and technology in the future development of both Myvets Trust & National Institute of Wildlife Technology & Research



Founder Member & Secretary of Myvets Charitable Trust & Research Centre is a chief asset for the Trust. He is in the wildlife conservation sector for last 20 years and is the chair of the wildlife projects, national bird conservation initiative based in Maharashtra.


He has extensive experience in leopard conservation initiative programmes and is responsible for setting up a benchmark in the field of Leopard-Human conflicts resolutions in world with new innovation and technology for the wildlife conflicts mitigation. Currently he is serving as a Advisor for Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai and also served on the Advisory Board of the Byculla Zoo and was appointed by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. He served as a wildlife veterinarian for Deer Park, Powai , MCGM.


He was Zoo Veterinarian for S.V Zoological Park. He has expertise in environment, wildlife & biodiversity laws and major planning requirements for zoos & rescue centers for wildlife and is trained in Zoo Designing and Landscape Architecture by School Of Planning and Architecture (SPA) in collaboration with Central Zoo Authority (CZA), Delhi.


  1. Member of ZOO Educator Network, India.
  2. Member of Association of Indian Zoos and Wildlife Veterinarians .
  3. Member of the International Zoo Educators South Asian Network,
  4. Member of the Conservation Breeding Specalist Group South Asia.

In addition Dr. Yuvraj is co – author of the Manual of Modern Approach to Leopard – Human Conflicts Resolutions, Management Plan for keeping of exotic animals, International Scientific publications; and he also regularly addresses lectures, seminars and the media on wildlife issues and zoology, zoo architecture.


DR.Yuvraj Kaginkar is also in the panel of Expert Veterinarians for Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai